Wednesday, June 11, 2014

El boxo de stuffo

Well, here it is, my box. Within this box are things that describe me, my personality, my life, and my friends. The contents of this box are held sacred to me and only I understand the significance of each thing. No one will ever see what is in this box. These contents are held under better safety standards than King Tut's tomb or the Holy Grail. It is impossible that anyone will see the depths of my cardboard box. 

This is my box. Without it I am nothing, without me it is nothing, this is my box. 

Oh so you are are pondering what exactly is in my box? Well, I may give you a miniscule hint. There is a piece of paper but, just not any piece of paper, a secret piece of paper. There is also a piece of metal. It is a kinda of metal, metally metal; the good kind of metal. I like metal, it is pretty awesome. 

These are all the secrets that the government will allow me to speak of about this cardboard box.  Unless you steal the box you will never know what is in it. 

The coloring that goes around the box depicts my "colorful" personality. Get it? Color, colorful personality. Man, I'm awesome. But back to the topic. The colors are bright just like my outlook on life. There can never be a dull moment. If there is it dampers the liviness that we are entitled too. It is a goal of mind to live life to the fullest. 

The HT on the side shows my apprectison to the school that was ever so welcome into accepting the "new kid" in their system. HT has been a major influence on my life

As I plan to open this box in the distant future I realize that nothing will be the same. I am scared to see what I have transformed to as an older adult. 

It will definately be an experience. 

Keep it classy. 

Hi Shaw

Take the hint. Something of Shaw's is in my box. 


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Well, This is the End My Friend.

There are more fingers on my hands now then there are days of high school left.  Feelings go all around  my head as I attempt to think if I truly did enjoy high school.  I think back at the restless nights I had studying for test that showed no true reflection on my character.  I think of formulas and equations that I will never see again.  In the end, I have learned everything that the state of New Jersey requires me to know and then some but truly, I have learned and experienced more from the people around me than any mindless passages in a textbook could truly teach me.  

Just like in art class, those around me helped me develop into something different from what I once was. Creative Arts has taught me to be daring, relentless, and most importantly creative.  From the numerous projects we have done, they all have put the same idea in mind; to be different.  There is no true guideline for art besides the one you give yourself.  This allows for one to do whatever their mind desires; in other cliche terms, anything is possible.  

Art class,Chou have taught me to try things I would normally not do and I truly appreciate that. 

Kudos to you and HT keep it real. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Uhhhhh, totem pole please?

For my art project, I will re-create the stages of life with the five different objects. The first object at the base of the totem pole will be a ball, turning into the shape of a human being.  The morphing ball demonstrates the beginning of the life cycle.  Everybody starts as a literal ball of nothingness that is eventually transformed into something great.  The second object will be an infant curled into a ball.  The infant will still be in its youth stage describing innocence.  The third object will be a human, standing tall with pride with it's arms spread wide.  This shows one's confidence as they mature.  The fourth object will be the mature human starting to crumble thus, showing that death is in the future.  The final object will be a ball of nothingness. This shows that the cycle of life is constantly repeating and will never be stopped.   

Hopefully this totem pole works out.  All I can do is hope, a lot.....

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The French Fortune Cookie. Wait isn't a fortune cookie Chinese? Or is it American?

When this project was assigned I stuck my hand into the bag of fortune cookies with hope that I would get abnormally unique fortunes.  All six of my fortunes summed up to saying, "I luckily pasted a devastation by keeping my secrets".  I pondered to what this truly said about me.

As I began my art I drew with that quote in my mind.  I believe that my life is a path that has multiple circumstances that all happen for a reason.  I have the option to take the wrong path that could lead to a downfall in my life but instead I luckily choose the right path that leads me to eternal happiness.  The numbers surrounding the art depict lucky or heart felts days in my life.  Each number represents something else.  The bright colors describe happiness in my life.  I strive to never have a dull moment in my life.  The patches all around the art describe multiple things in my life that I find to be beneficial to me; they are all things that make my path to success and happiness even better.  

Art to the power of 3 divided by 3 plus 3 divided by 3

When one makes a piece of art it is regarded as personal or special to the given artist.  One's emotions are placed onto the paper in such a way the only few can understand it's message.  In the Art x3 assignment we were forced to give away our masterpieces with fear of them being completely decimated.  This heartbreaking act occurred twice.

As I started my art I had no true idea in mind.  I allowed my body to flow freely in order to create some idea.  This turned my blank paper into something personal for myself.  When the time came we gave up our "babies" and submitted to the adoption of another piece of art.  I treated this new piece like my own and eventually once again my "baby" was taken.  Similar to the first piece I felt a relationship with the second piece of art and yet again I was in fear of it being destroyed.

We finally were given the third and final piece of art and we were given the opportunity to do anything we pleased with it (as long as it was relevant to the celebrity topic).  At first it seemed that my art would be art to create considering I was unwelcoming of my final piece of art.  I worked strenuously to create it into something I could appreciate.

From this project I learned that you must accept to let go of things you find sacred.  In life one must be able to feel uncomfortable for a moment in order to experience events that would normally happen in ones safe, protected life.

How to pop a print.

When this assignment came to hand I can honestly say I was confused on which path I should have taken my pop print.  While looking at all the choices that were provided on the center table I thought that I would not be able to settle on just one piece to create into Pop Art.

Eventually I decided to go with the empty gum box.  This box had raised edges and a unique font which I believed could be transformed into a creative work of art.  The overall process was successful.  Carefully I carved away on my rubber stamp and in time I had my Pop Art design.

After completing the rubber stamp I took numerous test trials to see if the stamp would exceed my expectations, and it did.

My final products you can see is that of my stamp but in multiple colors.  It seems apparent that the different colors go with each other in a perfect manner.  Overall  I learned much more about to printing process.  It is very simple and has many opportunities to be creative and different.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Qué nuestra colección revela sobre nosotros

In the society we live in we are compared to the objects that we use in everyday life.  It is implied that the objects we use in life are meant to make our lives easier and more eventful.  Every object also has a per-determined task that it is meant to complete.  Humans live a routinized  based life that thrive for an easy solution to everything.  Humans have become lazy.

On the table that is before me I see multiple objects: a globe, a lone sneaker, gum wrappers, pillows, cleaning supplies, perfumes, party favors, and more, much more.  All of these things allow life to be more enjoyable.  They dissuade us from a dull life.  These objects make an attempt to make man less lazy by making simple task easier, however,  every object separates man from their creative intuition to solve problems.  

The objects that are placed on the table originate from the art by Portia Munson.  This artist alone finds objects of similar color and "bunches" them all together.  Each object tells a story.

Below are two pictures: one of art by Portia Munson and then by the Creative Arts Class.