Thursday, June 5, 2014

Well, This is the End My Friend.

There are more fingers on my hands now then there are days of high school left.  Feelings go all around  my head as I attempt to think if I truly did enjoy high school.  I think back at the restless nights I had studying for test that showed no true reflection on my character.  I think of formulas and equations that I will never see again.  In the end, I have learned everything that the state of New Jersey requires me to know and then some but truly, I have learned and experienced more from the people around me than any mindless passages in a textbook could truly teach me.  

Just like in art class, those around me helped me develop into something different from what I once was. Creative Arts has taught me to be daring, relentless, and most importantly creative.  From the numerous projects we have done, they all have put the same idea in mind; to be different.  There is no true guideline for art besides the one you give yourself.  This allows for one to do whatever their mind desires; in other cliche terms, anything is possible.  

Art class,Chou have taught me to try things I would normally not do and I truly appreciate that. 

Kudos to you and HT keep it real. 

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  1. Goose thanks for making me the inspiration behind this post. We will always be arteasts and you will always be my boy. Kill it at Manhattan and come to Flagler spring break