Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tarro del caramelo

It appears evident that drawing realistic objects is much more difficult then it seems.  This jar seems to have a never ending amount of candy that makes this drawing seem near impossible. Though it was challenging I was able to complete with drawing with the assistance of others. As I drew this jar of good ol' sweets I was tempted to eat every last bit of candy but I overcame my desires for sweets in order to excel my artistic perspective. 

El bici de lapíz graphite

As the marking period comes to an end, it comes time to self-evaluate my bike drawing.  When this project began it seemed near impossible that this bike would ever be completed.  Just the thought of drawing straight lines was enough to get my skin to cringe.  As I eased myself into the drawing I
realized that it was possible to finish the drawing and defeat my enemy known as The Londoner Bicycle.
 The  most difficult factor of this masterpiece was determing the value of color that this bike has. With the aid of three graphite penicls I attempted to mimic the colors that this bicycle shows to the world.  In the end, I was pleased with the outcome.
  I chose the spokes as my point of interest due to the vast amount of character each individual spoke shows.  Each spoke has a story consuming it; from the bits of rust to the astranged sctraches that call each spoke home. Hopefully my drawing explains the spokes previous life.