Saturday, November 16, 2013

Qué nuestra colección revela sobre nosotros

In the society we live in we are compared to the objects that we use in everyday life.  It is implied that the objects we use in life are meant to make our lives easier and more eventful.  Every object also has a per-determined task that it is meant to complete.  Humans live a routinized  based life that thrive for an easy solution to everything.  Humans have become lazy.

On the table that is before me I see multiple objects: a globe, a lone sneaker, gum wrappers, pillows, cleaning supplies, perfumes, party favors, and more, much more.  All of these things allow life to be more enjoyable.  They dissuade us from a dull life.  These objects make an attempt to make man less lazy by making simple task easier, however,  every object separates man from their creative intuition to solve problems.  

The objects that are placed on the table originate from the art by Portia Munson.  This artist alone finds objects of similar color and "bunches" them all together.  Each object tells a story.

Below are two pictures: one of art by Portia Munson and then by the Creative Arts Class.


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