Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The French Fortune Cookie. Wait isn't a fortune cookie Chinese? Or is it American?

When this project was assigned I stuck my hand into the bag of fortune cookies with hope that I would get abnormally unique fortunes.  All six of my fortunes summed up to saying, "I luckily pasted a devastation by keeping my secrets".  I pondered to what this truly said about me.

As I began my art I drew with that quote in my mind.  I believe that my life is a path that has multiple circumstances that all happen for a reason.  I have the option to take the wrong path that could lead to a downfall in my life but instead I luckily choose the right path that leads me to eternal happiness.  The numbers surrounding the art depict lucky or heart felts days in my life.  Each number represents something else.  The bright colors describe happiness in my life.  I strive to never have a dull moment in my life.  The patches all around the art describe multiple things in my life that I find to be beneficial to me; they are all things that make my path to success and happiness even better.  

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