Monday, March 24, 2014

Uhhhhh, totem pole please?

For my art project, I will re-create the stages of life with the five different objects. The first object at the base of the totem pole will be a ball, turning into the shape of a human being.  The morphing ball demonstrates the beginning of the life cycle.  Everybody starts as a literal ball of nothingness that is eventually transformed into something great.  The second object will be an infant curled into a ball.  The infant will still be in its youth stage describing innocence.  The third object will be a human, standing tall with pride with it's arms spread wide.  This shows one's confidence as they mature.  The fourth object will be the mature human starting to crumble thus, showing that death is in the future.  The final object will be a ball of nothingness. This shows that the cycle of life is constantly repeating and will never be stopped.   

Hopefully this totem pole works out.  All I can do is hope, a lot.....