Saturday, November 16, 2013

Qué nuestra colección revela sobre nosotros

In the society we live in we are compared to the objects that we use in everyday life.  It is implied that the objects we use in life are meant to make our lives easier and more eventful.  Every object also has a per-determined task that it is meant to complete.  Humans live a routinized  based life that thrive for an easy solution to everything.  Humans have become lazy.

On the table that is before me I see multiple objects: a globe, a lone sneaker, gum wrappers, pillows, cleaning supplies, perfumes, party favors, and more, much more.  All of these things allow life to be more enjoyable.  They dissuade us from a dull life.  These objects make an attempt to make man less lazy by making simple task easier, however,  every object separates man from their creative intuition to solve problems.  

The objects that are placed on the table originate from the art by Portia Munson.  This artist alone finds objects of similar color and "bunches" them all together.  Each object tells a story.

Below are two pictures: one of art by Portia Munson and then by the Creative Arts Class.


Hey man, it's art

Every object I collect depicts a part of my life; it seems that everything has a story.  Each collected item represents a part of the good and the bad times of my life.  It is a good thing that the majority of my life could be seen on the better part of a scale.  I collect because I feel that it is a necessity to reminiscence on the past.  We cannot forget where we came from it makes every human on this planet unique.
   I collect objects such a guitar picks and receipts.  These two inanimate objects just show the things I like to do.  Music is a major part of my life, therefore I collect every guitar pick I have ever played with.  Receipts clutter my room to show that I am a shopper.  Possibly not a savvy shopper, but an interesting shopper. 

Collective artist like Joesph Cornell and Song Dong each collect to tell a story.  Both of these artist place seemingly random objects together to make this story, page by page.  Their work is considered "art" because it is the product of their creative minds.  Everything they create is artistic.  Art can only be defined by oneself and how they see certain objects.  Cornell is know for his box art where he place objects in a small box.  The box tells a unique story.  Dong it seems collects objects that are identical in use in society, such as liquid containers. 

Another more famous artist is Andy Warhol.  While researching him on his online museum I became aware that he collected objects and store them away in "time capsules".  A few objects from his own time capsule are a copy of Life magazine, an edition of "Dick Tracy", and a copy of the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers. These objects reveal the creative mind of Andy Warhol.  This time capsule shows the simple things that made Warhol unique.  Only the person who put the objects in the box can explain why they did and likewise only the person viewing the box can infer why things are put in the box.

Art is life, it is beautiful
J Edwards signing off

Friday, November 1, 2013

Comparing and Contrasting

After sitting down and looking at both the candy drawing and bicycle drawing I realized how difficult it is to truly draw. Yes it is true that half of the artistic process derives from the passion that the artist has but the other half comes from talent and patient. Patient is something I have to work on. As my drawing begins I have a sense of joy but throught out the drawing I find that it is the little flaws that irritate my soul.  I just wish I could go through every drawing in a total calm state. Only time will help this. 
I favor my bike drawing over my candy jar due to the fact that it did not involve colored pencils.  Graphite pencils are also much more forgiving. Graphite allows for trial and error. Colored pencils are tedious and only allow for one try. I just hope I can conquer the field of conquered pencils