Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Art to the power of 3 divided by 3 plus 3 divided by 3

When one makes a piece of art it is regarded as personal or special to the given artist.  One's emotions are placed onto the paper in such a way the only few can understand it's message.  In the Art x3 assignment we were forced to give away our masterpieces with fear of them being completely decimated.  This heartbreaking act occurred twice.

As I started my art I had no true idea in mind.  I allowed my body to flow freely in order to create some idea.  This turned my blank paper into something personal for myself.  When the time came we gave up our "babies" and submitted to the adoption of another piece of art.  I treated this new piece like my own and eventually once again my "baby" was taken.  Similar to the first piece I felt a relationship with the second piece of art and yet again I was in fear of it being destroyed.

We finally were given the third and final piece of art and we were given the opportunity to do anything we pleased with it (as long as it was relevant to the celebrity topic).  At first it seemed that my art would be art to create considering I was unwelcoming of my final piece of art.  I worked strenuously to create it into something I could appreciate.

From this project I learned that you must accept to let go of things you find sacred.  In life one must be able to feel uncomfortable for a moment in order to experience events that would normally happen in ones safe, protected life.

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